Gabbi Tuft front row at the Puma Futuregrade Fashion Show 2022

Gabbi Tuft transgender athlete at the Puma Fashion Show 2022

Transgender athlete, former WWE Super star, and content creator, walked the carpet at the 2022 Puma Futuregrade Fashion Show in New York this past week.

Wearing an all black outfit by Mugler that complimented her incredible physique, Gabbi could be seen sitting front row with her publicist, Karen Hunter of Diana Desbois Digital.

Gabbi Tuft before the 2022 Puma Futuregrade Fashion Show

Gabbi Tuft began her transition from male to female in October 2020 and shocked the world when she went public in early 2021. A former bodybuilder, she previously stood at 6'-2", weighed 280-lbs, and boasted a body fat of 6-8% year round. 

Now, almost two years into her transition, she has lost over 100-lbs of muscle and worked tirelessly to achieve a more feminine aesthetic.

Gabbi offers online, 1-on-1, personal fitness coaching for trans women, as well as trans men, cis women, and cis men. No matter where you are on the gender spectrum, or what your situation or goals may be, Gabbi has the ability to fully customize your fitness program.

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