Gabbi's TikTok Live Schedule

Gabbi Tuft TikTok Live Schedule

Gabbi goes live daily on TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram with sessions ranging from live question and answer sessions while she does cardio, to hilarious guest appearances. Be sure to subscribe to her TikTok page and turn on notifications for live events!

Gabbi's TikTok Page


Gabbi Tuft's Weekly Live Events

Sunday: 8:00pm CST Wind down
Monday: 12:00pm CST Q&A on the treadmill
8:00pm CST  Wind down
Tuesday: 12:00pm CST Q&A on the treadmill
8:00pm CST Wind down
Wednesday: 12:00pm CST Q&A on the treadmill
-- 8:00pm CST  Wind down
Thursday: 12:00pm CST Q&A on the treadmill
8:00pm CST Wind down 
Friday: 12:00pm Q&A on the treadmill
8:00pm CST Wind down
10:30pm CST Gabbi After Dark
Saturday: 8:00pm CST Q&A on the treadmill
10:30pm CST Gabbi After Dark

   *Times are subject to change depending on schedule


Q&A on the treadmill

Join Gabbi as she does her famous walk and talks while she gets her daily cardio in. This a chance to ask all of your questions about fitness and nutrition in a live setting. 


Wind down

Your evening wind down session with Gabbi. She goes live from various locations ranging from her front patio, her home, her private amenities center, and even the occasional public setting. 

Grab a Topo Chico, your favorite drink, and come relax with Gabbi and get all of your fitness questions answered at the same time!


Gabbi After Dark

Gabbi After Dark

One word, "spicy." 

Gabbi After Dark is Gabbi's largest show, and viewership is typically in the thousands. This is a special, once-a-week live that is for adults only and has no fitness or nutrition content. Instead, you get a special look at her private life with an "anything goes" outlook.

The show is one hour and has three segments:

10:30pm-10:50pm: Grapes and Gossip

Gabbi spill all the weekly tea while she takes delicate bites from her bowl of grapes. It's a live Q&A where the audience can ask her any questions about her personal life or intimate life, and she answers openly.

10:50pm-11:10pm: Tinder Tales

Here Gabbi invites you to tell all of your horrendous Tinder Tales and Grindr Fails. If you have 1,000 followers of more, TikTok will allow you to access the multi-guest feature and you can come live with Gabbi to tell your dating fails. 

Gabbi will also tell you her dating fails for the week, and OMG they get juicy!

11:10pm-11:30pm: Shoot Your Shot with Gabbi

Speed Dating 2.0.

This is your chance to convince Gabbi to go on a date with you. How it works:

  1. Anyone can participate as long as you are 18 or older.
  2. Viewers will "shoot their shot" in the comments and moderators will pin the catchiest comments.
  3. Gabbi then let's the audience decide if she brings the person on live with her.
  4. Once live, you have 60 seconds to "shoot your shot" and convince Gabbi to go on a date with you - and many times she meets the winners in person for an actual date!

Gabbi After Darks are only on TikTok, so be sure to follow her there:

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